{{result.type.toUpperCase()}} answers
  • Name: {{answer.name}}
  • TTL: {{answer.ttl}}
  • Record Type: {{answer.type}}
  • Value: {{answer.value}}
<no result>


What DNS server is this using?

Where are the DNS queries being made?

In this little Go program

When I make an A query, why does it sometimes show a CNAME record as a reply?

That's normal! If a name has a CNAME record set, it'll answer with that CNAME when you make queries for other record types. You can see an example of this if you query for www.twitter.com

Does this support every DNS record type?

Nope! "GET ME ALL THE RECORDS" will only query for all the types of records listed at the top of the page. If you ask I might add more though!

What does this build on?

This design is extremely heavily inspired by Google's DNS lookup webmaster tool. The main differences are a "GET ME ALL THE RECORDS" feature and simpler formatting of the output.